Fast Company

Meth Mouth: Tom Siebel’s Crusade


May 2009

By James Verini

As you might expect of a self-made billionaire, Tom Siebel exudes inexhaustibility. It’s tiring just being around him. One afternoon last fall, Siebel bounds into the kitchen of his sprawling ranch house in central Montana, and after he takes very firm hold of my hand — “Tom! Good to see you,” he announces, shaking away, as if I might not have learned the name of the man whose 72,000-acre property I am visiting — he asks, “Want to see some elk?” Siebel is wearing jeans, a plaid work shirt, and nerdy wire-rim glasses. He is out of breath because, in the hour since he stepped off a private jet from California, he has destroyed a round of clay pigeons on his shooting range. See Full Story